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Welcome to Sapentia the home of interactive e-learning for Open Source Software. Access hundreds of tutorials to improve your skills and unlock the potential of the business software you use.  All of our learning materials will be made available for free, we use our advertising partners and other sponsors to ensure we can keep it free.  If you need more functionality then check out our Pro tier that is geared for employee training

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go package

Access all of our interactive content for free, we will always make our tutorials free, supported by adverting and industry partners our Go tier is for you.

The content is the same as the Pro tier but without the Pro tier benefits.  This is recommended of individuals or companies who do not need manage employee training.

pro package

Access all of our interactive content via our state of the art learning management system, we offer a number of benefits to customers who go Pro including;

Ad free delivery, bundled tutorials by Module and Job function, 24/7 support, Reports for training managers, offline access to name but a view, professional options for the corporate learner

Prime package

Do you have a custom module, have you added important functions to standard modules, would you like to have the tutorials reflect your corporate branding or include company specific references?

Prime offers all of the benefits of the Pro package, we will create a bespoke tutorial to match your needs from adding your logo to create a complete set of tutorials unique to you

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Our tutorials are aimed at the employee, not the IT team, at each stage you will be supported by a virtual eGuide who will provide you with the information you need, helping when you go wrong and giving you feedback to help accelerate your learning.

With the Pro and Prime levels we add the benefit of 24/7 email support to ensure that you get the most from your investment of time and energy

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eguides a picture of tutors
eguides a picture of tutors
eguides a picture of tutors

Three Stages of Learning

Our tutorials are based on a three stage learning process, We believe this leads to a faster uptake of skills. First your eGuide will take you through the topic, encouraging you to participate but not requiring it. In the stage it is important the you See the process or task.

Next you are supported through a series of task to apply what you have seen, your allowed to get things wrong and feedback is given if your not sure what to do, this is our Try it stage.

Finally there is the Do it phase, you are provided with a work based task that you need to complete, using what you have learnt you have to complete the task as accurately as you can. At the Pro and Prime levels you activities can be scored and reports are available on the progress of employees