Sapentia Partner Program

Becoming a partner is the best way to support your business and your customers, we recognise that in order to ensure a successful project the users of the software you install need to be trained quickly and effectively.  This is ideally done in a blended learning mode.  That is a mixture of effective face to face training which you already proivde your clients, complimented by access to supporting digital learning on demand and supported 24/7 by phone and email.

Working together we can create an engaging an supportive route to brining customers up to full operations speed with their new investment.  To promote the use of our learning materials we offer the Sapentia Partnership Program.  Becoming a member is straightforward and once approved the benefits to you and your customers become immediately available.

Partnership Levels

There are three levels of partnership with increasing benefits to you, each level has an rolling 12 month qualification requirement based on the uptake of Pro and Prime level users.  We use a measure we call a ‘Learner Month’.  This is a single month of membership for a single learner on a single course.  The initial course length is set to allow three months access with monthly extensions available.  This means that each course delegate will result in 3 learner months.

For Bronze qualification a partner must pass the 500 learner month threshold, this is about 160 learner enrolments without additional months. Silver qualification is achieved on passing 2000 learner months with the Gold level requiring 5000 learner months.

Partnership level is awarded for a minimum of 12 months form the point of qualification. Upon reaching a higher level the qualification period is reset to 12 months.  On expiry of the 12 months period the membership level is recalculated every 6 month anniversary. Where a partner fails to maintain the qualification they drop to the next lowest level, this is repeatable every six months until the bronze qualification is lost.  A Gold member therefore would be guaranteed 12 months at the top level, six months at the silver level and a further six months of benefits on Bronze.

partnershp table

Price Discounts

Each level brings with it increasing discounts on course enrollments at the Pro tier, building up to a massive 40% reduction in the standard costs.  Purchases must be made by the partner to qualify and made in advance of the learners starting the course. Payment can be made online or via bank transfer, an full invoice will be provided for each transaction.

It is up to the individual partner to decide if the discounts will be passed to the customer or retained, Sapentia will not disclose to a third party the details of any transaction. Partners will need to provide us with details of the course delegates and courses to allow us to set up the cohort on our learning management system.

Partner Logos

To reinforce the link between partners and customers we will insert your partner logo into the learning experience, at the Bronze level the partner logo will be visible within the Learning Management System course screen. Silver and Gold partners will see the logo in the course screen and within the Pro course modules. In the same position that is occupied in the Go level.  This is the third screen that follows the Sapentia logo screen.

Where a partner is involved in the development of materials at the Prime level the logo will appear before the Sapentia logo screen and the Sapentia logo will be 50% the normal size.

To find out more about the Partnership Program please contacts us at and we will send you an information and enrollment pack.

Partner Registration

To become a partner please complete our registration form using the link below. We will review all applications within 24 hours and issue a partner number.  You will need to quote your partnership number when purchasing Pro Tier tutorials to ensure they are added to your total.  Welcome to the team and together we can improve the implementation of projects and promote rapid uptake of open source software.

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