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Starting with two great peices of software aimed at the business community, Odoo and LibreOffice are widely used across the world but like much of the open source software access to quality training materials is variable.  We plan to become the most comprehensive site on the internet for free training materials related to open source software. As we grow we will add other leading titles to the repository and make them available to all.

Odoo v8 Community Edition (Summer Release 2015) we believe offers the best mix of functionality between version 8 and version 9 community editions. It has the largest set of current users and has be a priority for our partners to date. We will follow you in July with the roll out of Odoo v9 Enterprise edition for those who have new newer interface changes and additional functionality that comes with Enterprise.

LibreOffice v 5 is recognized by many as the front runner in opensource office productivity software, we are busy creating learning objects for the Writer, Calc and Impress programs and will release these from April 2016.  Pro versions will follow as each phase is completed.  The tutorials will form a Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced methodology and keep to our ‘See it, Try it, Do it’ approach

What comes next?  Well that is still to be decided there are many great options including Thunderbird, WordPress, Alfresco and many many more. We will be looking to the Sapentia Community as it builds to help steer our development path.  If you have a good idea of what software package we should be rolling out next and it can be of benefit to a wide global community the let us know at