Odoo is a suite of enterprise business management applications that can be tailored to suit the needs of almost any business.  Based in Belgium Odoo SA manages the development of the software in a variety of forms. From the free to use Community Edition and the more Commercial Enterprise edition.  Odoo has grown rapidly an now has over 600 partners worldwide and boasts more than 2 million users.

Not bad as a set of statistics, across the versions there are over 4000 additional modules with over 30 core modules.  We are not able to provide training on all 4000 modules so we have focused on a set of core modules that is typically installed and covers the main functions.  Over time we will expand the ‘Add On’ tutorial library based on the popularity of add ons as down loaded from the Odoo website (www.odoo.com)

GO Tier

You are about to start the tutorials that form part of the Go tier, these are the same tutorials that are available on the Pro tier but without the extra features of the Pro Tier.

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Main Odoo Modules

Your next step is to jump to the main module you are interested in, there is no recommended order once you are past the Introductory tutorial. You can focus on the module the interests you most be in Sales, Project management, Human Resourses or any other.  Each tutorial is independent and is divided into at least two parts firstly an Overview tutorial that focuses on the screens and generic button locations.  You will learn what each area of each module looks like and the main function it is designed to cover.  You then move on to the Operational tutorials where you will be shown how to create , edit and perform actions on the items you are learning about.

Mobile unfriendly

We have made our learning objects fit for a desktop or large tablet, you will not be able to use the tutorials on a mobile and this is a deliberate move. The software is complex and we feel you need to see and use it on a similar scale to what you will see and use on you computer at work.  This means a screen resolution 1280 x 760 is the recommended resolution.  You can view it at a smaller resolution just adjust your zoom level on your browser and all should be well.

“We found it more fun and you actually got to do things, much better than a video”

Pick your module

Introduction and SearchingAn overview of the Odoo interface and how to search
DiscussMessages and inbox
CalenderCalender, personal and shared
SalesManage your Customer records
ProjectManage projects and tasks
PurchasesProcurement management
ManufacturingManufacturing and Work order management
InventoryStock control and valuation
RepairsSchedule and process repair jobs
EmployeesEmployee records for good HR management
RecruitmentJobs, applications and CVs
TimesheetRecord activities of employees and suppliers
Point of SaleRetail interface for Odoo
Mass Mailinge-mail marketing and more
AccountingFinancial management
LeavesHoliday management for all staff
AttendancesLog the time your staff are on the system
EquipmentAsset management

“We found it more fun and you actually got to do things, much better than a video”


No Settings and Configuration modules?

Our modules are aimed at the employee and staff member who will be using the software. It is not usual for you to have access to the settings and configuration options for all of the modules unless you have been given those permissions.  We will cover the creation of items as and when they are relevant but you won’t need to be technically minded.  We are developing a different set of tutorials for technicians.